Friday, May 4, 2012

Arabic Links

salam 3alaikum ya banaat!!

So now I am back with a little bit more casual posting. I am excited to talk about things that randomly pop into my mind for a while instead of trying to stick with a theme.

For my first post back I am doing a link dump. YAY!!

All of these links are great (FREE) ways to study Arabic. Personally I have no $$$ to spend on Arabic classes or tutoring or lessons so free coursework online is great for me. Many of these can also be opened on a smart phone if you have a pdf reader and internet connection!

1. Live Mocha: This site offers vocab lessons, review sessions, writing prompts, and speaking prompts. All submissions are reviewed by native speakers for you and they give you tips on improving your language. You can also chat with native speakers in order to practice and review other people's submissions in your native language and help them learn as well! You can move at your own pace and be as active or as absent as you feel necessary. They offer many more languages beyond Arabic as well.
Practices: Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar

2. Understand Qur'an: Understand Qur'an focuses on learning Arabic through Qur'anic vocabulary. They introduce vocabulary and grammar concepts using common Islamic phrases, du3a, and verses. They program they use to introduce grammar and conjugation is really easy to remember mashaAllah and is worth it, even if you don't finish the rest of the course. The course includes text book, workbook, instructional videos, power points, quizzes, tests, posters, vocab sheets, and audio.
Practices: Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar

3. Foreign Service Institute:  FSI has put together many language texts that are now in the public domain. The Arabic courses include Written Arabic, Levantine Arabic, Saudi Arabic, and Comparative Arabic. They include student texts and audio files for listening. I haven't looked through all of the courses but the Saudi Arabic course has a good focus on conversation examples and dialect explanations which is really nice if you want to be able to actually talk to someone.
Practices: Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Dialects

4. Islamic Online University/ Fanar Institute: They offer free online certificate/diploma courses in Islamic Studies. They are less intense than degree courses. They offer one introductory Arabic course for free in the diploma section that is for beginners called "Arabic reading and writing made easy." I assume it starts from the very beginning, but I haven't actually started it yet. I haven't started any of the other courses from this site either as I haven't confirmed if it is giving correct knowledge.
Practices: Will update when I start the course inshaAllah

5. Madinah Arabic: Offers free Arabic courses for learning to read and beyond. They have flashcards and a text that is pretty easy to navigate. You can read the text online or they also provide a .pdf file you can download and print. I think this is better for reading and writing since it is missing the listening/speaking sections.
Practices: Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar

6. Kalamullah: Kallamullah has many Arabic textbooks for free download. Many (but not all) come with downloadable video or audio content to accompany the book. This is great for those of us who really prefer independent study and having a lot of options or variety in study materials. This resource also includes many English/Arabic dictionaries and articles with advice on learning Arabic as a second language!
Practices: Listening, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar

7. Cartoons: Never underestimate media as a tool for learning a new language! I prefer watching kids shows since generally they don't have the sex or violence in adult movies and the language is usually at a lower level and easier to grasp. This site has a lot of Arabic cartoons posted and even movies that you will recognize that have been translated into Arabic from English. A really good one believe it or not is Dora the Explorer (search دورا on the website). They throw in some English words every once in a while to help get your bearings, they repeat phrases often so you can get the idea and the vocabulary is basic.
Practices: Listening, Vocabulary

You can add a speaking component to each of these courses by simply finding someone who will take it with you and practice together! Don't have someone willing to take the course? At least find someone to tell about what you learned even if they have no idea what you are talking about lol, just saying it out loud to someone will be very helpful.

If you know of any other good, free sources for learning Arabic, please let me know!!

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  1. I am an Indonesian, have been learning Arabic since I was about 4-5 years old..

    And I am amazed of how you learn it
    Woooww! Good luck..

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