Monday, October 15, 2012

Upcoming Projects

Salam 3alaikum girls,

While I was away from the blog, a lot of things changed up here! We are just getting settled into a new apartment in a new town mashaAllah. We are implementing a new budget to save up for "after graduation limbo" time. I am having to learn some new skills while we are adapting to our new environment, and I am striving to get more organized so that our little home runs more smoothly inshaAllah.

I am planning on putting together some new posts related to:

  • home organization
  • home management
  • food/recipes
  • my inspiration
  • DIY projects
  • beauty posts
  • health and fitness
I have come to realize that I am a homemaker/ housewife that doesn't really know how to make a home! I love the idea of taking care of my house and my family, but I don't really know how to give myself some structure so that I really take my job seriously.

Right now I just do housework and such whenever it becomes absolutely necessary, like when the sink is full of dishes or we have no clean clothes to wear. I sit around a lot and put things off. I want people to have respect for homemakers, but I am not being very respectful toward my position. If I was on a "real" job outside, I think I would have been fired a long time ago. MashaAllah my husband is very patient with me, and very understanding, but it is not right for me to take advantage of that. 

So for a little while inshaAllah my posts will be pretty "home" related as I try to teach myself to be a better housewife.

What do you think??



  1. I think that is great!

    I made a schedule long ago for my house keeping. For example, 3 days a week I wash and vacuum the floors and clean bathroom, 2 days a week I wash laundry and dust, daily I always make the beds, wash dishes after each meal,clean and sanitize the counters. Maybe 2-3x's a month I re-oragnize the closets (if needed).

    1. I have a kinda similar schedule, but I think it needs to be streamlined a little until I get more in the swing of things inshaAllah.

      do you keep the schedule all written down or just remember what to do when?

  2. I love all your post ideas mashAllah.

    btw I updated my blog link (its new)

    1. Thank you Noor :-) I have added the new link, thanks for letting me know!!

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