Thursday, June 7, 2012


Salam 3alaikum sisters!!

As you can tell I have been absent for a while. First our computer was in the shop and then it was being monopolized  by the man of the house.

Currently were a planning a small vacation inshaAllah before the two of us part ways to visit our families for the rest of the summer. I am looking forward to seeing my family inshaAllah but not so excited to be separated from my husband for 2+ months. We will be spending our first Ramadhan and 3id apart from each other inshaAllah.

Also I found out that I have problem with acid and ulcers and damaged stomach lining subhanAllah. To me it seemed so sudden, but apparently there have been small symptoms that I just ignored in the past. Alhamdulillah 3la kl 7al that it wasn't something more serious!

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  1. Awww.. I hope you get well soon sister. And the 2 months away from your husband are easy on you.
    Zahra :)