Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to: Sugaring/Halawa!

Salam 3alaikum sisters,

Sorry this was a long time coming. I wanted to post photos of myself sugaring a hand or something, but then figured that there were men reading this blog... (SHAME ON YOU GUYS, THIS IS A LADY'S ONLY SPACE!!!)

I didn't want to leave you all hanging so I found a youtube video that does it similar to the way I do it, plus shows how to sugar with cloths (kind of like regular waxing).

I didn't actually listen to the sound on this one yet since I picked it while my husband was sleeping lol.

But some tips from me:

  • this wax looks much more soft/liquid/sticky than what I usually use. That's ok though as long as it still pulls off your skin.
  • if the sugar is too hard to easily pull out of the container you put it in, let it sit in a sink of hot water until it is pliable and easy to remove from the container
  • if your hair is a little long, trim it down to about 1/4 of an inch, which will help the halawa hold stronger
  • if you are afraid the sugar is too sticky and will pull your skin (which seriously, it almost never does) you can put a light dusting of baby powder or talcum before you apply
  • this lady picks up her hand as she smooths on the sugar, but I never do that. I slowly press up against the hair grow in one long sweep, making sure it is a pretty thin and even application, then pull down with the hair growth, the sugar never leaves my hand the entire time
  • keep the skin pulled tight, it reduces the pain and seems to help the hair adhere to the sugar better
  • if it becomes difficult to control, stop and make a ball with your hands then start again. 
  • unlike wax, you can go over a place you have already waxed more than once if some hairs are missed. I probably wouldn't do it more than 3 or 4 times though, just to avoid stressing your skin out
  • if you miss a few stray hairs, don't worry you can just pull them with tweezers later
  • I usually use the same blob of sugar for an entire leg
  • if you are going to sugar sensitive areas (face or bikini area) I suggest using a small amount of sugar and working in small sections.
Using Cloth Strips:
  • heat the sugar the way you would wax, make sure it isn't too hot!!!
  • you can use cut up denim for this, i heard it works really well, just wash it really good in very hot water before you use it for this
  • you can use the same cloth strip more than one time, and use it to pick up missed hairs
  • I think this is probably a good method to use the sugar that cooked a little bit too long, but I never tried this before so don't hold my word to it
  • wash off any sticky stuff left with water (cool or lukewarm water is better)
  • if you are prone to ingrown hairs, it is a good idea to put an antiseptic after you sugar like witch hazel or something made for waxing
  • moisturize moisturize moisturize. I usually apply a thick layer of extra virgin olive oil. I would suggest using an unscented moisturizer for the first 24 hours to avoid irritation
  • many sites i read said to avoid hot water on the skin for the first 24 hours as well. 

Do any of you ladies wax or sugar under your arms? I am terrified to try it lol, but I get tired of shaving. Also if I recall correctly it is sunnah to pluck those hairs out.


  1. You should definitely wax under your arms. It may hurt the first or second times but then you'll get used to it. Shaving makes the hair come out darker and thicker.

  2. Try epilating - hair grows back thinner like when you wax but it's less time consuming and not messy at all. :)