Saturday, March 24, 2012


Salam 3alaikum girls,

My name is New Wife... and I am addicted to office supplies.

Seriously I love them to distraction. I love getting stuff to organize other stuff and having every color of pen I could possibly want and having multiple empty notebooks for any random idea that I get.

I'm the kind of person who has to really convince myself that I need a new shirt or pair of socks, but I find it so difficult to keep myself from buying a new notebook, journal, or pen set.

I took a picture of the evidence to show you...

It doesn't look like much but you should know that this is just what I brought with me when I got married... I was severely limited  by weight and size constraints and I knew my husband would rather I bring my pretty dress than my awesome sharpie collection. 

I'm telling you I have amassed boxes of this stuff over my lifetime. It is difficult for me to throw it away even, just in case I need it later. My mom use to make me sit down every year and try each pen and marker to make sure they worked and it was even hard to throw away the dry ones! (Later I found out that you can do some cool art projects with dry watercolor markers and I was so upset that I had thrown them away lol)

If I am in a bad mood, a little 50 cent notebook can usually cheer me up. There is something so awesome about the potential of those empty pages and pretty color inks...

What is your addiction/ guilty pleasure??? 


  1. I have a notebook problem. I always buy new notebooks, but never fill them more than say 25%. You described it well, the potential!

    1. lol yes i think most of my notebooks are nowhere near filled! I'm a good beginning but terrible finisher...

  2. Sounds like a pretty innocent and rather nice addiction to me ;-)
    I don't really have any addictions that I can think of, but to be honest I do like to check internet every day, and also have my black tea with milk and sugar. My guiltiest pleasure is Sex&the City I suppose. I have the series on DVD and I can't stop myself from watching it from time to time. Not exactly what you're supposed to watch as a Muslim, but it's light and cheers me up when I'm feeling down. (also makes me quite grateful I am a Muslim girl lol)
    Take care xxx

    1. I think most people who have blogs are a little addicted to the internet.

      I never got into sex & the city... but there are other comedy shows that I like watching. I especially like crime-solving comedies like psych and good guys and burn notice.

  3. assalamualykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu!
    I must admit, I too am a totally HUGE stationary fanatic. I don't know what it is about pens and notebooks and mechanical pencils but I absolutely love them. I have since I was young and I used to accumulate a huge stash of stationary when I worked in the office (once upon a time) !! I really love pens and have more than one of the same kind!! I really love the RSVP pens by pentel and the dr.Drip pens as well!! with medium ballpoint and fine ballpoint! loll I could totally start a blog about this *smh*

    1. lolI use to use the RSVP pens alll of the time, and I had a Dr. Grip too!!!