Monday, March 12, 2012


Salam sisters!

I am entering to win a giveaway from Lifestyle of a Furiously Fab Muslimah. She is planning on opening a business around May inshaAllah so make bunches of du3a for her that this goes well for her and is a blessing to her and her adorable little girl!!

In order to enter we should tell about a goal we have for this month.
One of my goals inshaAllah is to keep up with praying 2 rakaah sunnah before fajr. Also I want to bake fresh bread for my house at least once a week inshaAlah.
(inshaAllah I am planning another post to come shortly about my goals.)

My long term goals inshaAllah...

  • be brave enough to  become proficient in al3araby. I understand well, but I am terrified of speaking and saying something stupid
  • read the Qur'an in Arabic all the way through
  • find a part-time job

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