Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To: My Basic Hijab Style

Salam 3alaikum ya banaat,

I wanted to share my hijab style with you but I am againt posting pictures on the internet so I thought about it and decided to draw a picture instead.

This style is great for getting some chest coverage out of a scarf that isn't quite as wide. Also you can tuck the short end into the back of your shirt/3abaya/jacket in order to get wind-proof neck coverage.

Need: one rectangular scarf, one straight pin

Step 1) place scarf over head with one short side and one long side
Step 2) begin wrapping long side toward short side under chin (if you want you can do a fold over your ears and pin it under your chin if you want it to be more secure)
Step 3) wrap over your head, you will still have some hanging on the long side. You can leave it this way if you like, which I do sometimes when its warmer outside.
Step 4) grab the extra length a couple inches from the end of the scarf and begin moving it under your chin like the first loop
Step 5) pin scarf above ear or at the side of your head, you may have to lower or raise the part you want to pin to make sure the front is even

I drew the scarf with tassels so you can iidentify where the end of the scarf is, but you can use any long rectangular scarf inshaAllah. It works better with materials that aren't slippery unless you want to use a thousand extra pins.

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