Sunday, March 25, 2012

A to Z

Salam 3alaikum sisters,

I think I am going to try the A to Z challenge. You can read more about it HERE inshaAllah, but the idea is that I take the month of April and divide it to where I will do a post themed on each alphabet letter.

I don't think I will sign up on their website or anything because I feel weird about linking my blog to a place where there will be lots of dudes and this is a ladies only blog, but I think I will take their idea (but give them credit lol).

So in the spirit of this challenge I'm going to leave off for the last few days of the month so I can start stocking up on the posts and come up with good themes inshaAllah. That will give me about a week head start.

Maybe I will do another one for al3araby later inshaAllah, goodness knows I could use the vocabulary practice!! :-P

See you in April inshaAllah (unless I come up with something extra before then)



  1. Can't wait to read your posts dear! Surely there are many things to talk the meantime stay well1

  2. Interesting, looking forward to reading the posts!

  3. AsSalaamualaiki Sis! I've tagged you here.

    1. Thank you for hte tag Miss.O!! I will try to do it soon inshaAllah, maybe on one of the days that aren't given to an alphabet letter :-P