Friday, February 17, 2012


Salam 3alaikum!

So I've heard that marriage is about compromise. I feel like this is especially true when  you come from two different cultures. Here are some ways that we have started compromising...

Win for America:

  • cold milk really is good with sweet stuff
  • peanut butter is a completely acceptable sandwich filling
  • every tv show doesn't need to be a soap opera
  • biscuits can go with almost any meal (and are not cookies lol)
Win for Arabia:
  • kibdeh (liver) is really delicious for breakfast
  • qahwa is waaaay better than black coffee
  • soccer > football
  • looking nice in the house is not a waste of time and effort

How do you compromise? Are there things that you refuse to compromise about? Do you feel like you are always the one who has to give in?


  1. wa alaykom asalam,
    i am also married to an arab brother (from and arab country) and I am an american. it is all about compromise, u are right!

    what is qahwa?

  2. qahwa is arabic coffee. sort of tan or yellowish in color, made from only lightly toasted coffee beans instead of black ones. it also usually has cardamom and/or cloves in it but no sugar.

  3. oh, they don't drink arabic coffee in morocco. my hubby doesn't like it or turkish coffee, which i like.

  4. Yeah gahwa is much more common in the gulf area. let me guess he likes super sweet mint tea? lol i guess this is a stereotype, but I wonder if it's true :-P

  5. I love a lot of Egyptian foods, but liver sandwiches is not one of them. Give me shwarma any time. Lol about biscuits/cookies.

    1. lol I love shwarma too, but I do love liver the way we make it for breakfast. you sort of cook it in a pan with onion and tomato. delish!

    2. i love shwarma too! and gyro's (well there isn't much diff lol).

  6. lol liver! i can handle liver, but only if i don't think about what i'm eating ;)

    1. lol, yeah my parents said the same but I don't seem to have that problem alhamdulillah :-P It is great breakfast food!