Saturday, February 25, 2012


Salam 3alaikum ladies,

Alhamdulillah I'm back home now! As you can imagine in had quite a bit of housework waiting for me. Packing always seems to leave the house in a huge mess...

It got me thinking that I am really not good at housework. I never had chores as a kid. We were never really home long enough to do regular cleaning. I learned how to clean, but not in any regular or scheduled sort of way.

Our cleaning always consisted of  "Oh crap, your uncle is going to be here in two days. Throw everything in the cloests/drawers/cabinets and do some dusting!!"

Anyway, for now alhamdulillah I am able to be a housewife. (Since I was young I always knew I wanted to be home for family so I am so grateful that I am able to do this.) But now I am faced with having to do regular cleaning and cooking and things that my life with my family didn't prepare me for.

My interest seems to come and go... some days I am so excited about cleaning and I will clean the whole house top to bottom and I feel so good and the house looks so nice! Maybe I will even be able to keep it up for a while. Then I will go for days and can barely get myself to wash the pan I used to make dinner, let alone all of the cups and plates and spoons.

I need to get myself more regulated because I sort of swing to the extremes. MashaAllah my husband is so patient with it and he never complains, but I feel like I can do better. This is my job after all, and it is something I should take pride in.

Any tips??? I'm feeling desperate about getting into a good schedule, but unsure how I should do that.


  1. I like to listen to a podcast and it's usually an hour so I just put a load in the washer, then start with the dishes then pick up and clean random whatever needs it then hang the laundry out and by then the hour is up and I'm done. It makes the time go quick and the work easy. This American Life and Manic Mommies are 2 good podcasts :)

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    1. its like a talk radio show, but it is taped and available on the internet to download.

  3. I love to clean so I am not sure I can help, but maybe try as Mona says to have something on the background, a TV or radio program, Music that motivates you.
    I like to think that every act is an act of worship. It makes everything easier to do this way.

    Take care.

    1. lol mashaAllah I always envied people who were just naturally neat people who seemed to just *know* how to clean.

      thanks marie!