Saturday, February 18, 2012

So Cheap *Updated*

I realllly hate spending money on stuff.

I see women online showing these "shopping haul"'s where they spend ridiculous amounts of money on cosmetics and stuff and I just can't believe it... to me it seems like a huge waste. I'm sure they have their reasons for spending so much, or maybe they just do it because they can.

I read this paragraph a few more times and realized I sounded super judge-y and condescending which is wrong and also not the way I was actually feeling about the subject. So here is my sincere apology for that bit of foolishness.

What I really mean to say is that I understand why women spend on better quality products (when it is within  their means to do so) it just is something not very practical for me since I wear makeup only a few hours during the day and wash it off well each night. I don't wear foundation or anything all day like some women, and the better quality in this case can make a big difference.

But spending a bunch on colors has never been within my means and I always did very well with "off brand" products and had no complaints, so it seemed wasteful to me to spend more money on it. I need to remember that not everyone is in my same situation that buying quality or name brand products is a huge splurge or burden.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my walmart shopping haul from today :-P

Loreal Healthy Look Color: On sale for $4.00
Glycerin:                                               $2.98
NYC Liquid Eyeliner:                            $2.74
Vaseline Bath Beads:                            $1.98
NYC Pencil Sharpener:                         $0.93
NYC Retro Red Lipstick:                     $0.93
TOTAL                                             $13.56

And I feel like this was a total splurge... HAHA

My last beauty real beauty purchase was several months ago. It was a huge kit from Ulta with 36 eye shadows, 4 eye liners, 6 blushes, a bronzer, a powder, a concealer, at least 10 lip colors, and a set of travel makeup brushes for like $25. It was the first time I ever owned my own set of colors. Before I had always used my mom's!

Do you spend the big bucks on cosmetics and beauty products? What do you find are the benefits of upgrading? Any thrifty tips?


  1. Nice buys. I like a combo of steals and splurges. Depending on what it is and if I have the cash. Look for coupons for cosmetics and other products. I miss coupons.

    1. definitely a good tip. i didn't wear makeup much before i got married so pretty much every purchase i made was a splurge lol

  2. since i don't buy makeup (or wear it) that saves me money lol

    1. lol i was the same before i got married. i would have to wash it off before i leave the house and it was frustrating so i didn't bother. but my husband likes it when i look girly at home so :-P it was something small i could do that he liked.

    2. my husband doesn't care if i wear it or not:)

  3. I really can't spend 12 euro on mascara for example, and that's how much the ones from a brand cost, at least.
    I usually buy make-up once every two years or so lol. I almost never wear lipstick or eye-shadow. I think it's more beneficial to spend my money on creams and lotions that take care of my hair and skin.

  4. I honestly spend on my cosmetics.. I use MAC/Guerlain/Chanel/Dior/YSL/NARS etc... I find the quality is higher... and in the long run.. I don't want things that were not made of the best quality touching my face. If one can afford it.. I truly believe it's worth splurging on.

    1. yeah i completely understand what you mean. thanks for you comment! i think if i wore makeup more consistently for longer periods, i would be much more worried about the quality than I have been so far.

  5. just wanted to let you all know that after re-reading this post i did some re-rewriting to more accurately describe what I meant.

    sincere apologies if I offended anyone with my previous bad wording...