Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for...


There is a point in time when every single person has to make a decision about their life. For some people it is a lot of small choices and for others it is a huge and sweeping decision.

I am in the second category, along with a lot of you I'm sure.  Most of my family is probably in the first category. Making the sweeping decision took an immense amount of determination, which I am convinced did not come solely from myself. It only happened through the help of Allah, alhamdulillah.

There was a lady at my masjid who was fond of saying that people who convert to Islam go through things that people who are born Muslim could never understand. With all respect due to this very intelligent lady, I disagree. Every single Muslim has a time when they choose Islam for themselves or reject it in their hearts just like every other person. Many Muslims fight to practice the Qur'an and sunnah in the face of their family's version of cultural Islam, just like I fought in a Christian household. Many rebelled against their "conservative" families but eventually realized that Islam was the right path.

I think that not enough people realize that Islam is a choice for every single Muslim, even those who were born to the religion.

They tell the new converts "oh you are so blessed mashaAllah, Allah has chosen you to be one of his people," "please make du3a for me because you are one that Allah chose." Alhamdulillah we are blessed to be chosen, but those who were born to Islam were chosen by Allah as well... as long as they choose Him back.

Some decisions are easy and some are hard, some are big and some are small but all of them shape our future in this life and the next. Offer support because we are all in the same boat called dunya.


  1. I tend to think at the minute we wake up, our day is a suite of decisions, every step we do or not is a decision. Some are small and easy to make. Some are much harder and require faith, to trust God will guide us and help us.
    Take care dear. Keeping you in my prayers. xx

    1. That is true, every action is a decision in itself.

  2. That's a great way of thinking about it. You're right. We all come to an age where if we really didn't want to practice, we wouldn't. At least in western countries. But I do think that some of us born Muslim take it for granted a bit, at times.

    1. Sometimes yes, and sometimes people who converted to islam a long time ago can as well.

      I've been Muslim only 4 years and sometimes I take it for granted astaghfirullah

  3. Converts go through things that born Muslims don't, just as born Muslims go through things converts don't. And not every convert and every born Muslim goes through the same things.

    I think the comments from born Muslims to converts comes from the fact that most Muslims would never change their religion, and it is hard for them to understand someone changing the religion of their birth. At least that is what I "got" from what born Muslims would say to me.

    My 2 cents.