Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for...


Lol, Kora is "ball" in Arabic but is the short word for "korat al-qadam" which is football/soccer to us.

I Love Soccer.

My team is FC Barcelona and I have a fondness in my heart for all of the Spanish League and the Spanish National Team.

Soccer is something that allowed me and my husband to bond which was really great alhamdulillah. It is good to share each other's interests.

Do you share interests with your husband?


  1. Soccer is fun, I don't really have a favorite team though. That's nice you and your husband both enjoy it!

  2. Honestly watching soccer is like taking an ambien for me. Puts me right to sleep. It because I don't follow the game so it's boring to me but it's great you can enjoy it with your husband.