Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for...

Wove... Twoo Wove:

That is "love... true love" to those of you that never watched Princess Bride.

Alhamdulillah I feel so fortunate that I married a man that I can truly love and respect. Allah knows better but I feel that he is really the love of my life.

I know many people are not as lucky as me and some just don't care.

I think the best thing is not that I love all the good things about my husband. This is the easiest thing for us women to do...

The best part is that the bad things don't drive me crazy alhamdulillah. This is the real gift from Allah. That is how I know that this is the man for me subhanAllah.

I could make a long list of all of my husbands good qualities mashaAllah but the truly remarkable thing would be the list of annoying qualities that just don't phase me :-P

***please say mashaAllah***

What is difficult for you in your marriage? What is easy for you? How do you deal with it?


  1. Great word your chose there dear! The most difficult right now in my marriage is that my husband is often away (for work). I am sure God intended it this way so I can work on me and my husband can do what he loves and provide for us, for the future. One day Inch'Allah this will only be a memory and we will enjoy each other's presence every day.
    Be blessed in your marriage dear, wishing you both all the best.

  2. Happy for you :)

    I'm not married yet, but I do worry about finding somebody who truly loves me and I truly love back. Du'as for me!

  3. MashaAllah, I'm happy for you =) May Allah swt bless your marriage and make your love last, ameen!
    And may Allah swt find jnana a very good husband who will truly love her and treat her very well, and always stay loyal to her, ameen! ;)