Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for...


Astaghfirullah I don't spend enough time with it. At some point it became a real struggle for me, like a duty instead of a joy. I know this is related to the general malaise I have felt recently about actually practicing the religion that I love so much. I WANT to want to read Qur'an, if that makes sense... Allah make it easy on us ameen.

When I read Qur'an I spend so much time trying to make sure I pronounce each word correctly that I miss understanding the very few words that I actually know.

I know that practice makes perfect. The more I read, the easier reading will be inshaAllah. And the easier it is to read, the more concentration I can put into remembering meanings for words that I recognize and such.

In order to help me move forward with my goal of understanding the Qur'an in Arabic, inshaAllah I am starting one of the Understand the Qur'an courses. I am going to start the short course 1 inshaAllah! The short course should give you enough vocab and grammar to understand about 50% of the words in the Qur'an.


It is free mashaAllah, it concurrently teaches basic vocab and grammar of the Qur'an and uses the Qur'an and common du3a and phrases to teach the course so you spending time only learning Arabic words that are in the Qur'an or used for Salah. It consists of video lectures, a textbook and workbook, vocabulary sheets, quizes and tests, power points, sound files, posters, and verb sheets. MashaAllah it has a really nice and easy way to remember the form of verbs for conjugation!

It also comes in a lot of languages mashaAllah: English, Urdu, Hindi, Bangala, Malayalam, Farsi, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Malaysian, French, Spanish, Bosnian, Burmese, and Chinese.

There is also a longer "basic course" available which covers about 70% of the words in the Qur'an, a "full course" which teaches you how to cover all of the new vocabulary as you read through the entire Qur'an, and a children's course which covers mostly the same material as the short course but with colored pages and doesn't require being able to read the Arabic script.


  1. I feel really lucky that Arabic is my mother tongue which makes reading and understanding the Qur'an so much easier, but I also feel that God would appreciate it so much more when it's not even in your language but you make effort to keep a connection with it.

  2. Thanks for the tip =)

    Btw, do you know "the message of the Qu'ran" by Muhammad Asad? He gives an introduction to every sura, the translation and notes. While I struggle with other translations, I find this one a joy to read!