Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for...


Ashhadu an la ilaha ill Allah, wa ashhadu anna Mohammadan 3abduhu wa rasooluh.

I testify that there is no god except God, and I testify that Mohammad is His slave and messenger.

I am Muslim, hear me roar....

But seriously I am a Muslimah which I guess everyone got by now. I believe that there is only ONE God and he comes in just ONE unique being.

I try to always direct my hopes, fears, joys, thanks, praise, and needs to God though I am not perfect and sometimes I don't execute properly.

I use to be Christian. I considered Jesus to be my "lord and savior" astaghfirullah, but honestly it wasn't until I discovered Islam that I truly understood what this meant to ascribe attributes of God to a man. I just stayed away from the conflicting ideas and accepted it because there was no alternative and I wanted to be a good person and be close to God.

I was ignorant. I thought that I had to shape Christianity to fit my idea of who and what God was. I thought this is what everyone did... Ignore the conflicting parts and shape the rest to fit your God-given conscience.

But then I realized that there were a billion something people out there with the same idea about God that I had. That Jesus wasn't really God, that blood payment wasn't necessary for forgiveness if God's mercy really was absolute subhanAllah.

And so I accepted Islam as my own religion, much to the consternation of my father and brother and even sometimes my mother.

But alhamdulillah 3la kul 7al (Thanks to God upon every state of being)!!! I still feel solid faith on the path I have chosen along with those billion something people, and inshaAllah our feet will stay on this path until the Day of Judgement when we meet Allah, ameen!!


  1. Al hamdulilah for being muslim :)

  2. Alhumdulilah you're Muslim. I also felt like that about Christianity, that Jesus couldn't be God, but I ignored it for a while.

    1. yes... its amazing what we can ignore just in order to stay in our comfort zones...