Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for...

No no no no nooooo:

Since I moved I'm missing a lot of my nieces growing up. I have two nieces with a third on the way inshaAllah.

The oldest is 5 years old mashaAllah and the middle one is 1 year old and the new baby will be born in late June or early July inshaAllah.

So at this age you can imagine that just a few months of separation means leaps and bounds of developments!

My 5 year old niece is starting to sound out words and copy sentences, the 1yo is beginning to stand up and take steps on her own.

There is one thing that I hear everyone talk about that I haven't gotten to see yet and I can't WAIT to see it for myself inshaAllah. When you say "no no no no nooooo" the 1yo girl starts shakin her head and wagging her finger at you lol! I've seen a video of her shaking her head but not the hand part yet. She gets so into it that she shakes her whole body with this big grin on her face mashaAllah!!

Also she has started to say some names. For instance she can say mama and dada. She can also say "baba" which is her version of "beebee" which is what the girls call my mom.

I can't wait to see them inshaAllah, I'm so excited to catch up with them and give them a million kisses!


  1. I know how hard it can be to live far away from loved ones and family. We are missing so much, kids are growing up fast. But it's always a pleasure to catch up, with them it seems time has no effect, they still run towards you when they see you at the corner!
    Take care dear and hope you'll see your nieces very soon. xx

  2. It's hard living far from family. Inshallah you'll be able to see them soon.
    That's cute that the 1yr old shakes her finger at people when they say no no no no!